Welcome to the Homepage of Taverna gLite plugin

The gLite plugin to Taverna enables a user to run jobs on gLite as a processor of Taverna workflow.

* The gLite Plugin
The gLite plugin enables a Taverna user to selectively port their workflows onto the EGEE grid. The plugin sits as an activity on the Taverna's processor pallette and can be used like other Taverna processors. A set of user defined properties enables user to execute their processor on the EGEE resources. Data transfer to and from the local host to EGEE is performed automatically by the plugin. This plugin enables a T2 user to submit jobs to EGEE via gLite middleware in the form of work ow tasks. Job execution states are periodically checked and results are collected to localhost at the successful completion of each task. These tasks are enacted in parallel and run asynchronously over the EGEE infrastructure. The plugin implements a robust mechanism for submitting jobs that fail to run or get aborted in the middleware queue. Data transfer request failures are automatically resubmitted. A roundrobin choice of Resource Broker is made in order not to monopolize on a single jobsubmission end-point.

* Download
A zipped file of the plugin can be downloaded from here:  glite.zip

* Installation

1) Download and unzip the plugin package.

2) Copy the jar files from lib folder to the Taverna's lib folder.

3) Merge the plugins.xml into Taverna's plugins.xml (inside plugins folder) by copying the <plugin>...</plugin> at the end of the plugins.xml file just before the </plugins:plugins> tag.

4) Restart the Taverna workbench, the gLite plugin should appear as a process on the Taverna processor's pallette.

* Your first workflow with gLite plugin
Creating your own Taverna gLite workflow involves following these steps:

1) Create a workflow using the Taverna workbench.

2) Add gLite processor(s) to the workflow.

3) Set/configure the properties of the gLite processor.

4) Create a grid proxy certificate for authentication.

5) Add inputs/outputs and other local/gLite processors to the workflow.

6) At the workflow input for a gLite processor, a local file is specified as file:nameofyourfile, an lfn as lfn:nameofyourlfn and a string as string:yourstring. Note that the file will be automatically picked up from the 'input path' value you have provided in the gLite plugin's properties.

7) Save, submit and reuse the workflow.

* Known Limitations
Linux compatible. Requires gLite UI.

* Prerequisites
Valid EGEE credentials.