NeuSemStore: Neuroscience Semantic data Store

NeuSemStore is a semantic data store supporting neuroimaging workflows, and aimed at persisting and retrieving semantic annotation. Semantic data are partitioned between descriptive annotation (service annotation) and invocation annotation (provenance information collected at workflow run-time). This software was initiated in the Neurolog project ANR-06-TLOG-024 ( and is being extended in VIP project ANR-09-COSI-03 (

The software is organized as follow:

  • NeuSemStore-core: a maven module dedicated to RDF triples persistency. It is based on  JENA SDB implementation to benefits from an SQL backend and rely heavily on the  Corese/KGRAM semantic engine.
  • NeuSemStore-broker: module providing a catalog of semantically annotated services.
  • NeuSemStore-provenance: module handling the creation of provenance annotation, and their querying through predefined SPARQL queries. Two ontologies are currently supported, the NeuroLOG ontology ( and OPM (
  • NeuSemStore-gui: a set of graphical user interfaces to allow the semantic annotation of services and the interaction with the service catalog. Another gui is dedicated to the navigation through provenance annotations (Some commented screenshots).
  • NeuSemStore-catalog-moteur-plugin: module providing a semantic repository of composable services for the MOTEUR workflow engine (
  • NeuSemStore-provenance-moteur-plugin: module enabling the recording of provenance informations (short installation guide) during workflow executions when plugged to the MOTEUR workflow engine (
  • NeuSemStore-simulation-objects: module dedicated to the management of domain specific annotation, simulation objects in the context of the VIP project.

Hudson integration server: