An end-to-end example taken from the Video Surveillance domain. A FAMILIAR script has been developed and is executed in the environment. The script consists in loading two feature models, contextFM and platformFM, and some constraints prules. Some edits are applied to specialize contextFM. Then, constraints are mapped to relate features of contextFM with features of platformFM and some choices can be inferred. Finally, we show how a configuration can be interactively performed using the console while FeatureIDE editors are synchronized.

The Eclipse editor we provide is used to program a FAMILIAR script. We introduce some of the variable types with a simple example. Then, the script is executed and values of variables are accessible. Users can also visualize the feature models with FeatureIDE editor.

We use the interactive mode once the script has been fully executed. Users can interactively play with the interpreter -- creating some configurations, selecting/deselecting some features, etc. as shown in this screencast.

We illustrate some other operations (merge, compare) of FAMILIAR using the textual editor, the interactive mode and FeatureIDE editor.