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Feature models are a popular formalism for managing variability in software product lines (SPLs). Realistic SPLs involve the modeling of a large number of features to comprehensively represent different viewpoints, sub-systems or concerns of the software system. To manage complexity, there is a need to separate, inter-relate and compose several feature models while automating the reasoning on their compositions -- from validity checks to configuration process. We propose a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) that is dedicated to the management of feature models and that complements existing tool support.

The DSL, called FAMILIAR (for FeAture Model scrIpt Language for manIpulation and Automatic Reasoning), is an executable language that supports manipulating and reasoning about feature models. FAMILIAR is developed in Java language using  Xtext, a framework for development of DSLs. Off-the-shelf SAT solvers (i.e., SAT4J) and BDD library (i.e., JavaBDD) are internally used to perform FAMILIAR operations.

We provide an Eclipse text editor and an interpreter that executes the various scripts. The interpreter can be used in an interactive mode. We provide multiple notations for specifying feature models ( SPLOT,  GUIDSL/FeatureIDE, a subset of  TVL, etc.) The integration of the language to the  FeatureIDE environment has been done to support experimentation, e.g., all graphical edits are synchronized with variables environment and all interactive commands are synchronized with the graphical editors.


Have a look at the screencasts that demonstrate FAMILIAR in the Eclipse/FeatureIDE environment. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions or other requests.

NEWS: FAMILIAR will be part of a tutorial at  Software Product Line Conference 2012 (SPLC'12)!

FAMILIAR was at  ASE'11 conference for a tool demonstration and short paper presentation. New operators and applications have been presented! FAMILIAR has been presented in Belgium for  VaMoS 2011 (tool demonstration) and in Taiwan for  SAC 2011 (formal presentation).

FAMILIAR is under constant development and the current website is regularly updated.


replacing a subtree in a feature model

Managing Multiple SPL: a scenario

Other projects


Persons involved in the development of FAMILIAR are (in alphabetical order):

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions or other requests.


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